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Renovating an apartment requires prior planning, a set sum of money, and good teamwork between the client and the architect. Before starting a renovation of an apartment, it is important to consider several key starting points.


Defining what we want

The first step is the hardest; the decision to renovate an apartment or solving the dilemma of whether to buy an old or new property. You need to think about what you want, how the location and the micro environment suit you, how much capital will need to be invested before you can move in… .


Collaborating with an interior furnishing architect

An interior furnishing architect is not a luxury; they can help with numerous decisions and save you time. It is never too early to decide to work with an architect. The process can start even before you purchase your home; our advice can help you make the right choices from the very beginning to the final image of the home.


Setting out the approximate budget for renovating an apartment

Renovating an apartment requires a plan of everything that needs to be renovated and the amount of resources intended for the work. This makes it easier to set out priorities required by the renovation and to choose the suitable type of joinery, installations, furnishing, and materials.


Planning the apartment

It can be very helpful to make a plan of everything you need to live in your new home, while our task is to plan a space that is the best fit for your wishes.

Advice on the following matters is crucial: is it necessary to replace the windows, doors, electrical wiring, plumbing, do walls need to be demolished…


Interior furnishing of the apartment and the details of a home

The advantage of working with an interior furnishing architect when renovating is that we can think about the specific furnishing, lighting, and the details to place in the apartment even in the space-planning phase. That is how we can avoid unwanted surprises.


Turnkey renovation of an apartment

Turnkey renovation of an apartment can help you save time and can save you from having to coordinate and look for the contractors to work on the renovation.

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