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Turnkey execution, implementation, and consulting engineering are among the services Habitare offers its clients, providing them with timely and cost-effective implementation of a project that meets the expected quality standards.


We have a network of tested contractors for either construction, plumbing, or electrical works. We also have a network of a number of craftsmen, who often collaborate with each other, discuss, and solve potential issues.


Upon the completion of the Design phase, the client can choose between the Turnkey or Implementation engineering services.


Turnkey execution offers the client a comprehensive service from initial plans, detailed plans for craftsmen, the purchase of equipment from the manufacturers, as well as the implementation of all necessary construction of craft works. This can save the client significant time and stress.


The best benefit for the client choosing implementation engineering is, that they only work with one person, with whom they share their wishes and requirements. One of our colleagues takes over as the coordinator for the craftsmen.


In the turnkey phase, monitoring the approved project is key. We will occasionally visit the location of the project to make sure that the construction is proceeding in accordance with our plans. During the implementation of the project, we will remain available to the contractor and the subcontractors to explain or solve issues appearing during execution.

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