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Lidija Rutar

Lidija Rutar

Lidija Rutar, interior designer
Phone: +386 51 489 000 

Sandy Jeram


Sandi Jeram, project development
Phone+386 51 489 001


We at Habitare are a team that has been working for many years in the field of interior design and its implementation. We have been realizing our projects in Slovenia and in the Croatian Mediterranean area. Although we are quite diverse, our passion for design and creation of  spaces connects us. 

We draw our inspiration from beautiful things as well as nature, and at the same time embed
technological innovation offered by modern technologies and new materials in the ambiences we create. Experiences gained from various real estate projects have given us the breadth to understand the needs of our clients in regard to residential, business or tourist premises, as we have found ourselves in the role of not only designers but also investors, entrepreneurs and users of real estate. Our desire to acquire new knowledge and to find new solutions drives us to attend various courses and trade shows; we are able to then utilise the acquired knowledge to our advantage in our projects. Our passion, in addition to design and architecture, is travelling and discovering different cultures, as well as nature,

from which we draw our energy for every new day.

Studio Location:

Rimska cesta 24, 1000 Ljubljana

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