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Habitare has long been actively designing holiday properties intended either for the client or to be rented by their guests. Because of increased demand for new hotel accommodations, we have begun to take part in the design and furnishing of hotels.


Interior furnishing of holiday properties


Holiday properties are where we spend our free time, which is why the core idea is for them to make us feel as relaxed and at ease as possible.


In choosing the furnishing, simplicity is key. The materials of the furniture and wall coverings are more natural and rugged. Choosing a material on which patina will form over time is an excellent choice for modern interior designs. We can also experiment with a greater mix of the old and the new, which will make the space look both interesting and relaxing.


Holiday properties in the Mediterranean


Habitare has been a presence in the Mediterranean area, Istria, for many years, where it provides the clients with the following services: building turnkey holiday properties, renovating older properties, and planning interior furnishing. ​


Our knowledge of the Mediterranean architecture, as well as local materials and how they are worked, enables us to create spaces that blend in with the local environment. Collaboration with local contractors, craftsmen and interior furnishing providers helps us successfully execute turnkey projects. We have completed numerous independent vacation real estate projects, we designed interiors, small spas, and finished a number of renovations of vacation properties.

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