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Because of the limited available building space, renovating existing buildings is becoming more popular, especially in urban environments. Renovating a house usually allows us to gain more space in the interior of the house, decrease energy consumption, and, where that makes sense, retain the cultural heritage.


Why renovate a house?


A home is supposed to be warm, comfortable, and spacious, while at the same time the interior furnishing should be beautiful, functional, and timeless.


To meet all these conditions, older buildings need to be changed in several ways.


Usually, we want to improve the living space and atmosphere inside the house, but when we need a larger living environment, we may decide on an expansion, which must fit in with the existing surroundings.


The interior of the house is usually enlarged by transferring a previously unused attic into living space. It is also possible to expand into the courtyard in a way that connects the interior furnishing of the house and the garden into a homogeneous whole.

When thinking about renovating a house, we need to choose the right approach. It is important to clarify the wishes and needs, and then to set out the correct objectives and adjust the plan accordingly. The interior of the house will get a new quality.


How does a renovation of a house take place?


It is necessary to inspect the existing condition of the house: to make measurements of the current state, take photographs...

All the gathered information will serve to digitally outline a plan of the existing condition of the house and will become the basis for the renovation plan.


Even in the planning phase, we start to think about the interior furnishing of the house, its lighting and all the details that need us to think ahead.


We usually prepare several different conceptual plans, after which we decide on the right one by discussing it with the client. This is followed by the detailed planning phase for the interior design of the house.

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