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Holiday house in Vrsar

Project: Holiday house, 80 m2
Location: Vrsar, Istra
Interior design: Lidija Rutar, Habitare
 Turnkey implementation: Habitare 
Photography: Juš Medič

With a new design, a small stone house in the old town centre, with small rooms and shutters that are falling apart has become a holiday retreat. The room was opened by removing the main partition in the space.
When choosing the internal equipment, we were searching for modern shapes that would still carry the spirit of tradition and the past. The theme of the rooms is interlacing old with new.
The Mediterranean interior is emphasized by the materials used. Oak on the floor, bleached to acquire as much light as possible from the small windows, dry-walls and a kitchen counter, made of Kirmenjak lime stone from Istria. Several elements are cemented which is also a characteristic of ambient in the region. The bench which continues into a modernly designed fireplace and a niche for wood also form a part of the room. The staircase is cemented, with processing that reminds of tile stone; rooms are equipped with modern equipment, mixed with elements of old furniture

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