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Villa in Istria

Project: House and interior design: villa 320 m2
Location: Sinožići, Istra
Interior design: Lidija Rutar, Habitare 
Turnkey implementation: Habitare 
Photography: Juš Medič

The summer villa at the village's end, fifteen kilometres from the sea, emerged at that location only a few years ago. Only old materials from Istria were used for construction. White cut limestone on the outside and indigenous flooring of Istria, old ”tavelice”, pavement tiles, made of specially processed and sandy clay with wide joints, on the inside.
The entire concept of interior design is based on a mixture of modern and traditional. In this way, we wanted to create the eclecticism of the space. The design and background are rough: stone covered walls, wall furnishing, fireplace; the furniture elements are minimalistic in shape but, with their material, texture and colours, show a Mediterranean environment.
The ground floor of the house is actually one big room which flows from the kitchen into the dining room and follows to the living room, up to the fireplace. Massive oak stairs lead to the upper floor and bring us to the gallery and the bedroom with a large bathroom.

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