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 Holiday home - Villa M

Project:  Holiday Villa, 170 m2, garden 400 m2
Location: Poreč
Head of project and engineering: Nenad Krstić
Architecture: Leon Zuban, Dino Krizmanić
Interior design: Lidija Rutar
Landscaping: Lidija Rutar, Tina in Grega Vreš

We constructed a holiday facility only a few meters from the Poreč coast. Our team has taken over the entire project, from initial planning, acquirement of construction documentation through to the final execution of construction works, interior design and landscaping. Planning has been quite a challenge, because it was necessary to set up a villa with a swimming pool and an intimate garden on a relatively small piece of land, while preserving the most beautiful views offered by the house. It was also important to properly distribute rooms inside – all rooms have spectacular views and are spacious.

Basic materials are indigenous – Istrian Kirmenjak, a plaster made in an original way, we preserved a part of the old stone wall of a neighboring house on the inside... Light textiles and colours represent the freshness of summer...

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