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Triplex with a view of Ljubljana castle

Project: Apartment, triplex, 230 m2
Location: Ljubljana, Center
Interior design architects: Lidija Rutar, Habitare 
Turn-key completion, engineering: Habitare
Photography: Juš Medič

The triplex emerged from two apartments, merged by inner arrangement which defined as many good points as possible and upgraded the potential of both apartments. Its characteristics are light colours, minimalistic furniture, and discreet comfort.
The ground floor contains living quarters in a spacious living room with only one centre, a big, soft sofa with a padded table of the same light fabric in the middle. The drawers of the partition are also a book shelf, and light falls from the living room onto the spiral staircase. A light floor made of bleached and brushed oak appears in all quarters and on all floors.
There are floor-touching curtains made of dense silk in grey-brown-purple lines. The kitchen has a white counter and an island with a dining space that has a long table, made of light oiled oak and six white chairs on metal legs, with its simplicity, only continue the other part of the daytime socializing. The bathroom is also minimalistic, bright, with only one decorative notion, a hanging lamp with a glass flower lampion.
Light is not intrusive in any part of the apartment and moves with people, and with the function of the room. In the staircase and in the hallway, it is sensor activated and, in other quarters, lighting objects are added if necessary, otherwise lighting is hidden in small ceiling lamps.

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