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Apartment in Murgla

INTERIOR EQUIPMENT, INTERIOR: Habitare, Lidija Rutar and Neja Pavlin


PHOTO: Vid Rotar

In the center of Ljubljana, a year ago, we designed an apartment for an elderly couple, which is located in a villa with several living units and is located on the top floor, so that there are beautiful views of the surroundings from all rooms. 


The clients, an elderly couple, wanted a modern interior, they are art lovers, so we included their collection of paintings and statues in the interior.

The floor plan of the apartment was originally already designed, we subsequently arranged only the space for the living room, which was originally missing.


The service areas, such as the utility room, bathroom, toilet, wardrobe, are located in the center, as they do not need as much light as the living areas, from which beautiful views of the surrounding trees open up.


Since the clients like the art deco period, we tried to use circle and rectangle - geometric patterns, throughout the entire apartment. Round shapes appear on mirrors, chairs, stools, beds, lamps...Geometric patterns are on pillows, carpets, wallpapers... 


We surrounded the central cube with a subtle wallpaper that winds not only along the walls, but also along the doors, in this way we wanted to hide the abundance of doors along the entire corridor.


From the entrance area, where there is a storage table for keys, purse and small stools, you can reach the central living room with kitchen and dining room through the library. Since the space is smaller, we wanted as much transparency as possible - floating bookshelves combined with glass. We chose a sofa set on legs, which works more easily, a hanging cabinet and a cabinet in which the customers keep their drinks.


The minimalist dining table has slightly more rounded chairs, followed by the shape of the lamp. From the central part there is an entrance to a spacious terrace with summer kitchen, outdoor table and decorative plants in containers. The plants are carefully selected so as not to litter the neighbors and provide shelter with their leaves throughout the year.


The dining room wraps around to the kitchen, which can be completely hidden behind large folding doors, making the space seem larger and uncrowded.


Along the corridor, there are 2 more study rooms, which are also guest rooms. a room for grandchildren who like to come and spend time with grandma and grandpa.


A large round mirror dominates the bathroom, where everything necessary is stored in a hanging drawer made of structured wood and a glass cabinet on the opposite wall. 


The design of the bedroom dictated the central placement of the bed, so we also made sure that the back of the bed is slightly higher, provides shelter and is  beautifully designed. Behind the bed we placed a wardrobe in a darker color, with structural material. In this way, we also created a good connection with the terrace, where clients read the newspaper in the morning and drink morning coffee or toast with a glass of wine in the evening.  


The choice of colors was based on the Art Deco period. So we included neutral colors - from luxurious cream and taupe, as well as dark or pure blacks that created depth. The selected zigzag patterns on the stools, carpet, wallpaper also follow this inspiration, except that they are a stylized modern version. To brighten it up, we chose orange-red, which is repeated on the cushions, and its lighter version on the decorative curtains.

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