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First time on my own

INTERIOR EQUIPMENT, INTERIOR: Habitare, Lidija Rutar and Neja Pavlin

PHOTO: Vid Rotar

What's it like when you first move into your own apartment and you're a young man in your late twenties? 

Yes, at that time everything is still in front of you, and funds are limited... This apartment was created:)


At the entrance, we are greeted by a wooden grid, into which metal clothes holders are built, and in a niche there is a stool for easier putting on shoes. On the opposite wall, there is a large smoked mirror, which optically enlarges the narrow hallway, and at the same time works elegantly.


On the left, there is a door that leads to a small bathroom with darker tiles, and the contrast is a wooden panel behind the mirror, which makes the room warmer and more interesting.

The bathroom is small, but it has everything that the big ones have, behind the sliding panels there is a washer and dryer, cleaning products, and a multipurpose closet.


The central, living area combines the kitchen, dining room and living room and opens through large panoramic windows towards the courtyard and the park. Everything happens there... Reception for friends, working at the computer in the late hours, watching TV and occasionally lazing on the sofa. It is also necessary to cook sometimes, especially a large refrigerator is important, so we decided on an American one, which is hidden from the side behind a panel in the color of the rest of the kitchen. The counter and background are in the color of wood and, for better durability, made of ultra-fastener.

In the bedroom, the grids from the hallway of the living room are repeated. As a counterpoint to the oak, the headboard is made of quilted textile, behind which is hidden the ambient light that illuminates the vertical slats.


On the narrow balcony, we built a walk-in closet made of material that defies weather conditions, in which the clothes are stored. There is also room for a small table and plants.


The colors are monochrome as requested by the client: grey, black and white with an interlacing of oak.

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