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Project:  Interior design: business premises, 27 m2
Location: Ljubljana
Interior design: Lidija Rutar, Habitare 
Photography: Juš Medič

In the centre is a romantic light by Ingo Maurer which, together with blurred wallpaper, creates the image and the character of the interior.
There are arches in the room; that is why the walls and the ceiling are painted with the same colour that continues onto the mediapan furniture. For more openness and air in the room, closets don't reach the ceiling, the table is made of glass and is practically invisible, along with the book shelves which are almost transparent.
We used brushed oak on the floor, coated with grey oil so that the oak loses its typical yellow colour.
A dark wall, hiding the toilets and an auxiliary storage area, is a contrast to the oak on the floor. It is painted black and can serve also as a blackboard for writing ongoing ideas.

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