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House renovation in Ljubljana

Project: Terrace house, 210m2
Location: Ljubljana
 Interior design:: Lidija Rutar, Habitare
Turnkey implementation: Habitare 
Miran Kambič



Renovation of the existing terrace house was completed in a flash. Together with the preparation of plans, it took only 4 months for the project to be completed and the family got their new home. 




On the first floor, we arranged a bedroom, which expands into the parents' bathroom with a sofa and wardrobe; the spaces are separated by a glass door, coloured in shades of grey to ensure a more discreet view. The two teenagers gained their own bathroom with a shower and a mirror, where they can write down their thoughts or tasks. In one of the children's rooms, we gained a 2m2 space, by reducing the corridor and by extending the slab above the staircase.


Materials: oak ship flooring, medium density fiberboard in shades of grey, aluminium kitchen counter. Black pipes match the black doorknobs on the interior doors. Textile in the form of rugs, curtains, sofa, and beds lessens the sound and soften spaces everywhere...

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