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A house for a young family

SQUARING: 144 m2

PHOTO: Vid Rotar

We planned the renovation of an atrium house for a young family in Murgle, Ljubljana. The house was built in the 1970s and needed thorough renovation.

The Atrium House received a new facade design that takes into account the facades of the neighboring houses, while at the same time expressing the wishes of the clients. The portal is surrounded by wooden panels, the stairs in the terrazzo are connected to a wooden bench...


We transferred the story from the exterior to the interior. The entrance to the house is also lined with wooden panels. To the left, the door leads to the part where there is the parents' bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom.


Glass doors let in light from the entrance area in the corridor and lead to the central living room, where the kitchen, dining room and living room are located. Large glass surfaces extend the space outward into the atrium.


The ceiling of the living room is on two levels, the lower one above the kitchen, the higher one, which opens high above the dining table and the living room. The materials are natural from the Slovenian area, the colors - oak, brick, the colors of the other equipment   follow the basic tones of the house.

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