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Project Three-bedroom apartment, 100 m2
Location: Ljubljana, Šiška - Mostec
Interior design: Lidija Rutar, Habitare
Photography: Juš Medič

A three-bedroom apartment in Ljubljana near Mostec for a young couple whose whole future is ahead of them... They came to us with a request - Lidija, help us design our apartment so that it will have clean lines, we like monochromatic colours, black and white contrasts, without excessive ornaments...


Clients bought the apartment, which was in the third construction phase, so we were still able to improve the design. The initial design of the apartment was very traditional. The kitchen was crammed into a corner, which only allowed for a small dining table. However, they are social, like to cook and enjoy inviting friends for dinner... And the bedroom...was tiny, as was the bathroom. After our conversation, when we learnt which of their wishes must be included, we were able to design a much-improved living space through minor shifts of installations. In the central area, we moved the kitchen and the dining table next to the big panoramic window, and suddenly, we got enough space for a kitchen island, which enables communication during cooking. A high-quality living room, with a TV and a recliner, emerged. Furthermore, by moving bedroom doors, we enlarged the bedroom with a wardrobe and shortened the very long corridor. The bathroom... we hid the toilet and the bidet behind a wall, so that the view of the sink and the beautiful mosaic, which overflows over the bathtub and shower, is in the foreground. Interior furnishing, interior design and colours form a collage that matches their wishes: grey, white, black with the addition of Parisian blue, which shines into the future...

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