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Project:  Apartment, 210 m2
Interior design:: Lidija Rutar, Erika mohorič,Habitare 
Photography: Miran Kambič
Surrounding design: Mitja Škerjanc


A new apartment for a couple who loves natural materials, but at the same time likes colorful color shades.

Originally it was a 4 bedroom apartment, by removing the wall we got a large central space that rotates across the hallway, dining room, kitchen and living room back into the hallway again.


At the entrance, playful mirrors of various dimensions await us, which, in addition to their function, make an interesting installation. The space flows forward into the dining room with a table that has a strong, robust wooden top surface, and the legs are made of glass, ​​so that the space is as flowing and open as possible. The island kitchen made of mediapan and stone surface serves a couple who loves to cook and always creates new and interesting dishes.


The interior continues into the living room, which is characterized by a large, comfortable sofa, the space is softened with textile.

We placed a wardrobe in the hallway, in color shades that we have choosen for other rooms.


The sleeping area has an en suite bathroom where leading materials and shades intertwine.

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