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Apartment on the Sunny Side of the Alps

Project: Holiday apartment, 33 m2
Location: Bovec
Interior design: Lidija Rutar, Habitare 
Photography: Juš Medič



We designed the interior of a small holiday apartment. The initial state of the apartment truly left a lot to be desired and did not offer much. An additional space opened up above the existing ceiling, where we placed a gallery with an additional bed. The acquired height gave the room a new dimension, light and vistas. 


Velux windows were installed on the south wall of the room, which enabled us to capture a stunning view of the mountains. We placed an upholstered bench and a larch table next to the window so that clients could fully enjoy the surrounding nature. In order to separate the sleeping area from the cooking area, we moved the cooking station from the central area towards the entrance area. Wardrobes are unnoticeable, due to the geometrical patterns, which are repeated on the bench. The bathroom is characterized by a mosaic that resembles honeycombs, which offers a fine contrast to dark grey elements and larch furniture.

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