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Interior Design Studio

Interior design has been our passion since 2005. Thoughtfully designed interior furnishing can make a space pleasant for living and creating.

Experiencing spaces is a pleasure. It is the eternal search for balance  between function and form, between precision and endless inspiration.


At Habitare, we are specialists for interior architecture and interior furnishing of spaces. For us, experiencing spaces is a pleasure. We help our clients create functional and timelessly beautiful spaces for living and work. Some of these can be found on our website.

When creating the interior of a room, we focus on creating a feeling of being at home. The orientation, considering external angles, the flow of transitions all influence our mood and how we live in a space. We plan the space, the interior furnishing, the materials, and colours with all this in mind.

The interior design of business premises is more than just design; it is a study of work processes and communication between the employeThe interior design of business premises is more than just design; it is a study of work processes and communication between the employees. The limits between living and working spaces are becoming The limits between living and working spaces are becoming blurred.

Escaping our established pace of life gives us the energy and strength for a new day. The interior design of a holiday home or a hotel space follows this notion


The advantage of cooperating with us is that we can offer you comprehensive services. In addition to performing our core activity -  interior design, we also work with distinguished experts in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and graphic design, all with the goal of designing exceptional and functional interiors. 

This allows us to help you find a comprehensive solution, as we can prepare projects for:

-architecture of a building

-interior design

-implementation and engineering

-landscape architecture.

notranje oblikovanje in notranja oprema

Our primary focus is the design of interior furnishing and interior architecture.


Furnishing the interior of each space is a special challenge. It is particularly important to get to know the clients, their way of life, their wishes, and requirements that can guide us in finding the best solutions.


After a new construction or renovation of a building is complete, collaborating with us becomes of key importance. We have been collaborating with various craftsmen for years. This means that we can provide our clients with offers at a lower cost and a high-quality execution within the deadline. Coordination between the various phases of craft services is also important. In short, we offer our clients a move-in ready execution, which is optimal in terms of time and price.

počititniški objekti (1).jpg

Habitare has been a presence in the field of designing vacation properties for years.


Because a part of our family business is linked to hospitality, we are very familiar with the wishes and demands of the modern guest. A beautifully designed space is not everything, functionality must be kept in mind, as well as all the details that offer a person relaxation and pleasure.


We often find ourselves in the role of travellers – users of holiday properties or hotel accommodations. That is how we continually find opportunities for improvements, which we can use when planning our projects.


We find inspiration in nature, its colours and infinite forms. Follow us on our social media accounts, where we regularly post our inspirations.

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